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Addicted to Meat!
Friday, April 01 2005 @ 02:16 am BST, From: doug
The Meat Junkie is an interesting (and brightly coloured) site about not eating meat.

The concept is meant to be a joke: Meat is an addiction. But the author, Tyler Cole, gets his point across using a bit of humour. Be sure to read the essay on whether Vegans are sexier than Meat Eaters.

And he manages to bring up some very valid points about attempting to convince meat eaters not to eat meat in his essay about the moral reasons for not eating meat. I particularly like the bit that says People either feel compassion for cows, pigs, and chickens or they don't... The moral issue is not a question of treating animals more like people. He's really on to something there. I do not personally feel much compassion for chickens, so no vegetarian arguments based on chicken-compassion are convincing to me. And cows just look tasty... it's something about the way they look back at you. Yummy.

However, arguments relating to the environmental impact can be somewhat compelling. They do not necessarily argue for vegetarianism, just reduced meat consumption. Which, to any reasonable vegetarian, would be a step in the right direction. I love meat; addicted to it, I guess. So I will continue to eat it. But, as they say, everything in moderation. Even meat. And heroin. And definitely vegetables.

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