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SPAM! (of the meat family, not the email family)
Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 12:45 am BST, From: doug
Holy SPAM! Look what I've been missing! I can't believe I haven't been to this site before today. There's a load of stuff here.

There's a page dedicated to attempting to get me to eat SPAM. There's information on the Best SPAM Recipe Competition, which includes a rather dubious equation that basically reads:

SPAM + Hand = Eat

Are they suggesting that I eat my hands (along with some SPAM)? Not that I haven't thought about it before... I'm just not sure SPAM should be suggesting that. Is there a recipe?

There's a link to information on Monty Python's new live play called SPAMalot. And if you really love SPAM, you should join the SPAM fan club, where you can take the SPAM Exam and "Ask SPAMMY" to get some canned advice. And when Christmas rolls around, be sure to buy everyone on your gift giving list something from SPAM Gifts.

But I was most excited to discover that there is a... drum roll please... SPAMmobile.

SPAM! (of the meat family, not the email family) | 0 comments | Create New Account
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