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Adding Meaty Flavour to your Vegetarian Dinner
Sunday, June 19 2005 @ 01:10 am BST, From: doug
Tonight while I was eating a vegetarian* meal, I accidently bit my tongue in a most heinous way... as you can see. On the bad side: OOW! But on the good side: It added a little bit of a meaty flavour to my food. And since it continued to bleed through the rest of the meal, the flavour was added to every bite. Strangely tasty.

But it raised a question and so I ask any visiting vegetarians or vegans: Let's imagine that my meal was completely vegan. Does the addition of my own blood to a vegan meal make it not vegan anymore, or is eating your own blood (and possibly flesh) acceptable? Not that I recommend it (and not that I don't), but I don't know the rules and you never know when you might need information like this.

If it is acceptable, I might just have a great idea for a new vegan restaurant that includes a bit of customer participation.

* (Okay, I lie, there was chicken in it, but I'd already eaten the chicken leaving just the vegetables)

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