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Foie Gras protected by French Law
Wednesday, October 19 2005 @ 08:24 pm EDT, From: doug
Never let it be said that the French don't love their food. In fact, they care about the food they eat so much that they create laws to protect it. The French passed a bill this week to protect the production of Foie Gras despite pressure from animal activist groups. Read the article from The Independent, curiously titled Foie gras is 'part of our culture', declare the defiant French. (I say "curiously" because protecting their gastronomic patrimony doesn't seem "defiant" to me... just, uh, a little French).

Just in case you get bored before the end of the article, it's really the last line that says it all: Foie gras perfectly fulfils criteria defining the national patrimony and the link to terroir that characterizes the originality of the French food model.

Loosly translated into Homer-speak: Mmmm, foie gras, aaaglgghhgl.

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